Prairie Oaks and People business plan cover v100517 (72ppi 4x3)Prairie, Oaks, and People—A Conservation Business Plan to Revitalize the Prairie-Oak Habitats of the Pacific Northwest outlines the case for long-term investments that will restore a signature feature of the region’s historic landscape. A broad coalition of partners created the new conservation strategy to help conserve oak woodlands and native prairies from northern California to British Columbia. The plan is the product of more than a year’s work by partners of Klamath Bird Observatory, Cascadia Prairie-Oak Partnership, American Bird Conservancy, Center for Natural Lands Management, Willamette Partnership, and Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture.
“Native prairie-oak species are at a crossroads,” the groups say in the plan’s introduction. “Populations are declining, ranges are contracting, and many species are gone from parts of their historic range. Our goal is to save the most imperiled, and keep the rest from becoming imperiled.”
Prairie Oaks and People profile projects cover v100517 (72ppi 4x3)A companion document, Prairie, Oaks, and People—Profile Projects, showcases 21 projects that support the goal and objectives outlined in the business plan. Profile Projects is intended to be a dynamic compilation of projects that partners can contribute to over time.

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