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AKN Portals

An AKN Portal is an online data and resource hub designed to preserve, discover, deliver, and summarize information for particular bird conservation needs and objectives. The AKN is comprised of a network of portals.

There are currently 10 operational or underway portals, each designed for a specific geography or theme. Portal sponsors and partners determine the particular focus of each portal.  Portals are also decision supports systems, where people interact with data and tools to make better decisions. Each portal is connected to the greater umbrella AKN system. Therefore, data entered into each individual portal is accessible to and shared with the AKN system and fed into the AKN Core tools such as the Data Catalog, as well as the Data Downloader, Phenology Graph, and Observations Map if the data owners share the data   Visit the AKN website to learn more about the other portals.