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The Avian Knowledge Network’s (AKN) mission is to support a network of people, data, and technology to improve bird conservation, management, and research across organizational boundaries and spatial scales. We envision a world where bird populations thrive through conservation and management informed by a network of avian knowledge.

AKN Vision


Our AKN community is comprised of a variety of individuals, ranging from citizen scientists to conservation biologists, computer programmers, non-governmental organizations, state/federal agencies, and private corporations and businesses. We range from people who wish to contribute their data for the greater cause of bird conservation, graduate students managing data online, researchers requesting data for larger analyses, and decision-makers who wish to use the best available bird science in their daily work.


The AKN handles a variety of field methods and data structures, ranging from area searches, checklists, point counts, call playback surveys, and even aerial surveys by plane. We continue to expand our data schema and protocol library as users join our system. We are also able to manage discrete databases for site conditions, such as weather and vegetation data. All of this is built upon a platform of common data schemas and metadata standards that enables customized data entry screens and automated QA/QC processes.


Thanks to our web technology providers, we are able to preserve data (and metadata) as technologies change (or staff move on from positions). We are dedicated to making datasets discoverable, ensuring the widest and most appropriate use possible, while also developing customized applications and decision support tools for delivering information where it’s most needed. In addition, AKN technologies also provide automated data summaries to help with annual reporting or education/outreach among our partner organizations.

The AKN’s greatest strength is our partnership, with more than 100 organizations involved.