Signing up to complete a Short-eared Owl survey can be done in just a few easy steps.

Use THIS MAP to select which grid you would like to survey. Red grids are available (though there is a lag time after signing up) and gray grids are no longer available. Zoom in on the map to view the grid number and the survey window in which the two visits should be completed. After you have selected which grid you would like to survey click on your state's sign-up page below. You can then visit the MAPS page and download a map of your chosen grid to help you navigate to your survey location.  After you are signed up don't forget to review the TRAINING material and read the PROTOCOL to help you best complete your survey. After you select your survey date based on the survey window make sure to use the START TIMES table for your grid to ensure your survey is completed during the appropriate time window.

To view the map CLICK HERE.




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