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Banding Archive

Band on American Robin 72 ppi 3xXAvian Knowledge Northwest serves as the home of bird banding data that have been archived by the Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas (LaMNA) and Avian Knowledge Network. Much of the data residing in this banding data archive are not available through the North American Bird Banding Program or the Institute for Bird Populations Bird Populations’ MAPS or MoSI programs. This data archive contains almost eight million records from over 100 cooperators in 10 countries.

View and Request Banding Data

Avian Knowledge Northwest offer limited data archiving services. We are maintaining an archive that preserves the entirety of the data that were originally contributed to LaMNA by data owners. We are also providing limited access to these archived data, at the request of the data owners. CLICK HERE to view a listing of the archived […]

A Brief History of LaMNA

Landbird Monitoring Network of the Americas (LaMNA) primary purpose was to prevent the loss of banding data that were not archived within other programs. LaMNA also supported efforts to better understand bird population dynamics at continent-wide scales though data access, visualization, and analysis.    In 2005, LaMNA began working with the Avian Knowledge Network to […]

Contribute Banding Data for Archive

Avian Knowledge Northwest is accepting new data contributions for archive on a limited basis. Many database formats are acceptable and must be accompanied by meta-data including data collection protocol, data code definitions, geo-location, and data access permission level.   Please contact Kimberly Hollinger; (707) 825-2972 to inquire about contributing banding data.  


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