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Data Management

Enter, Edit, and Upload

Enter and Edit Data: Enter and edit your project’s data online through AKNW. To get started make sure you have registered for an AKNW account and have a project created for your data. To create a project download and fill out this form and email it to

Manage Sharing Levels: Once your data are in AKNW you can bulk manage the sharing level by project. 

Bulk Uploader: Data can be added to AKNW through a bulk upload request (may require fee for service).  To initiate this process or obtain a cost estimate, send an email to ; Please include the following information about your dataset:  If project is already created and if so what the project name is, duration (e.g., 2010-2014), general location, protocol(s) used, number of observations (rough estimate if many), and data owner(s).  (In the near future, a Bulk Uploader application will be available to assist data owners with formatting and uploading entire datasets.)