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Population Objectives Regional Trends (PORT) Tool

Partner in Flight’s Population Objectives Regional Trends (PORT) Tool is derived from a similar tool developed for Bobolink by James Herkert and Rosalind Renfrew. It has two primary purposes:
1. To allow users to explore population trajectories of PIF landbird Watch List species over the next 30 years at range-wide and regional scales under three scenarios: (a) if no additional conservation action takes place (i.e., trends of the last decade continue unabated); (b) if PIF 2016 Landbird Conservation Plan trend goals (pp. 24–27, Appendix B) are achieved; and (c) if regional trend goals established by resource managers are achieved.
2. To facilitate discussion and coordination of population trend targets among neighboring regional-scale conservation partners in order to meet range-wide conservation goals.

Access the PORT tool here:

PORT information and instructions Click Here.

Funding to support Population Objectives Regional Trends (PORT) was provided by the Canadian Wildlife Service. The tool was developed in collaboration by Klamath Bird Observatory in partnership with the USFWS Division of Migratory Birds.

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