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Protocols and Data Sheet

2018 WAFLS Survey Protocol (image)

Learn and review all the details for how to collect data and complete a successful survey with this year’s protocol. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL PROTOCOL.

During a survey, you will be collecting all of your data on a project datasheet. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND PRINT A DATASHEET.

To extract the most value from the collected data, it is crucial that survey start times and end times are strictly adhered to. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SET START TIME FOR YOUR SURVEY GRID AND DATE.

Once your data have been collected they must be entered so that they can be used. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE DATA ENTRY PAGE.

If you would like to bring a handout along with you on your survey to provide information about the project to anyone you might see CLICK HERE TO VIEW, DOWNLOAD, AND PRINT A HANDOUT.