PIF Focal Species

Black-headed Grosbeak

Habitat: Riparian Closed Woodland or Forest Habitat Attribute: mixed hardwood and conifer trees

California Towhee

Habitat: Oak-Chaparral Habitat Attribute: dense shrub cover with herbaceous openings

Cassin’s Vireo

Habitat: Oak-Pine Habitat Attribute: moderate to high canopy and subcanopy cover

Chipping Sparrow

Habitat: Oak Savannah or Open Woodland Habitat Attribute: low-statured herbaceous ground cover

Hammond’s Flycatcher

Forest Stage: Mature/Young Forest  Habitat Attribute: Open mid-Story 

Hermit Thrush

Forest Type: Klamath mountain mixed conifer and mixed hardwood-conifer forests Habitat Attribute: Shrub-herbaceous interspersion understory

Hermit Warbler

Forest condition: Mature/Young Forest (Multi-layered/understory reinitiating) Habitat Attribute: Closed Canopy (of coniferous trees) forest patches >42 ha (101 ac) are necessary for their occurrence.

Hutton’s Vireo

Habitat: Oak-Hardwood Habitat Attribute: moderate subcanopy or shrub cover

Lazuli Bunting

Forest Type: Klamath Mountains Mixed Conifer and Mixed Hardwood-Conifer Forests Habitat Attribute: Post-Wildfire 

Nashville Warbler

Forest Type: Klamath Mountains Mixed Conifer and Mixed Hardwood-Conifer Forests  Habitat Attribute: Dense Shrub Understory


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