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Bewick’s Wren

Bewick’s Wren (Thyromanes bewickii)
Habitat: Riparian Shrubland
Habitat Attribute: moderate to high shrub cover

Habitat Objectives (Sites)
Riparian Shrubland in the following conditions:
– patchy shrub layer (i.e. woody vegetation 1-4 m [3-12 ft] tall) with 30-80% cover and several scattered herbaceous openings
– canopy tree (i.e., woody vegetation >4 m [12 ft] tall) cover <20%

Population Objectives (Sites)
Target Densities in Suitable Habitat:
Puget Lowlands:
– North: >0.01 birds/ha
– South: > 0.01 birds/ha
Willamette Valley: 0
– North: .>0.28 birds/ha
– South: >0.28 birds/ha
Klamath Mountains:
– Umpqua: >0.06 birds/ha
– Rogue: >0.18 birds/ha
maintain cowbird parasitism rates below 10%

Rockwell, S. M., J. L. Stephens, and B. Altman. 2021. Population and habitat objectives for landbirds in grassland, oak, and riparian habitats in the Puget Lowlands, Willamette Valley, and Klamath Mountains ecoregions. Version 2.0. Prepared for Oregon-Washington Partners in Flight, Pacific Birds Habitat Joint Venture, Bureau of Land Management, and U.S. Forest Service. Klamath Bird Observatory, Ashland, OR, and American Bird Conservancy, Corvallis, OR