Purple Finch

Purple Finch
Forest condition: Klamath Mountains Mixed Conifer and Mixed Hardwood-Conifer Forests
Habitat Attribute: Pine-Oak Canopy/Subcanopy Trees

Habitat Objectives
Sites: Maintain >60% canopy/subcanopy closure, especially where pine and oak are part of the canopy. Sites: Where ecologically appropriate (e.g., drier sites), maintain >25% canopy cover of pine and oak trees.

Habitat Conservation Strategies
– Retain all mature pine-oak canopy trees.
– Conduct thinning or other forest management to select for growth of mature pine and oak trees in ecologically appropriate sites.
– Where managed regeneration is occurring, plant pine and oak trees in ecologically appropriate sites (e.g., drier sites).

Altman, B. and J.D. Alexander. 2012. Habitat conservation for landbirds in coniferous forests of western Oregon and Washington. Version 2.0. Oregon-Washington Partners in Flight (www.orwapif.org) and American Bird Conservancy and Klamath Bird Observatory.


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