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Short-eared Owl Occupancy Prediction map

Miller et al 2019 WAfLS annual report croppedThe Short-eared Owl Occupancy Prediction map is an ArcGIS online web app. The purpose is to allow the user to explore models of short-eared owl occurrence both in the present and in future climate scenarios. The data have been summarized at 10km MGRS grids that were included in the sampling frame for the surveys. To learn more about the project and short-eared owls click here.

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State of the Birds 2010, Climate Change

sotb2010 cover 72 ppi 5.2 x 4The 2010 report considers one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time, climate change. How will the impacts of climate change influence our bird populations and their habitats? Accelerated climate change as a result of human activities is altering the natural world as we know it, diminishing the quality of our environment. This report calls attention to the collective efforts needed to protect nature’s resources for the benefit of people and wildlife.

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